Can't delete files

Ted McLaughlin

I have a couple files that I can't delete, (see the attachment).


I am Farm Admin, Site Collection Admin, and I just verified I have Full Control on the library.


I can't discard the check outs, and can't figure out why these are checked out to the system account.  The business user who owns the library doesn't remember where these pictures came from, or who originally uploaded them either.  Both are zero byte files.


What's kind of amusing is that I tried opening the library in explorer mode, and deleted the files there.  The files disappeared and I thought yay, that worked.  When I flipped back over the the browser I refreshed the screen and they were still there.  I thought that was weird so I went back to Explorer, refreshed that screen, and they were back again.  I tried that several times and every time the 2 files disappear when deleted, but when you refresh the explorer page they come back.


I'm stuck as to how else to delete these files.




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Have you tried to take the ownership of the files using the option of the same name in the document library settings?

I hate to ask, but how do you take ownership of the files.  I just clicked through every library setting I could find and didn't see any option to do that, (even a greyed out one).  



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