Can I use a High Trust SharePoint App as a Word Plugin?

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Hi I've created a high trust sharepoint app that basically acts as a front for my 365 sharepoint site but gives extra functionality.

This works well and although not currently live I'm confident will do the trick.


I've been reading up with regards the Word app and using SSO

Which allow the user to effectivily sign in and then the web part of the plugin can act accordingly.


So basically the question is - can I do something similar with my SharePoint plugin?



I.e something like the above, with probably some other controller/Model/View to control the Word App.

It feels like this could work - however would like some 'direction' to see if this is a good model.


Apologies for posting in SharePoint - seems like it could belong in both SharePoint and Word Plugins!

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Ok, so I've been on a bit of a journey around the word app - or add in and the website sitting in the middle. Basically the line connecting the two is really thin and as long as the page on the website has the office.js linked in it and the Office.initialize function. It really doesn't care and the website can use whatever functionality you want.

In my case I already had an up and running website and the word app would basically offer some functionality within word. So with a already built website I could use that and use all the functions, database etc I already had created. True it was 'off template' however a separate site didn't make any sense.

My advice is simple if your requirement have a website that is much larger than the word app. Start with that then add the word app that uses it's own pages and UI.

Hope that helps.