Calendar Sharing in Sharepoint

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Our marketing group has created a trade show calendar in their SP marketing page and we would like to share it on a communication HUB page.  Only the marketing staff who have access to the marketing SP page can see the calendar on the HUB page, the rest of the company can't.  How do we give them access to see this particular calendar without giving them access to the Marketing SP page

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Assuming it's an events list, go to the calendar itself on the marketing page in site contents. Once there, click the cog in top right and go to list / calendar settings. Then you can modify the permissions for the list to read for "everyone except external" or whatever permissions you want to grant to the calendar. Then it should work assuming you are linking to it via webpart.

Thanks@Chris Webb I think we have a different version, so mine wasn't exactly like you said, but I figured it out!