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I am doing an office attendance calendar from a sharepoint list in order to enable my coworkers to state when they are coming at the office. 

The list only have 3 values :

-The user

-The date 

-Other (Mandatory column of the list i couldnt delete)


With the calendar view, this is what it looks like : 



And this is the form




In order to increase user exp, I wanted to set the user per default so he doesnt have to select himself by using this code in power apps form as defaultselecteditem value :

Claims:"i:0#.f|membership|" & Lower(User().Email),
Email: User().Email,


But by changing that, the name directly display itself. 

But unfortunately, when clicking direclty on the calendar on the + button, the date doesnt set itself by default anymore (while it did in the before the change).




It is as the Parent.Default function doesnt work anymore... 




Can someone explain me what is happening here and how to solve that ? 


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Are folks submitting on behalf of others? If not, you should be able to use the Created field rather than using the additional people picker field of User.

Thanks @Kelly_Edinger for your answer. 


Unfortunately, it does the same than the other technique, the default value for the date is considered as blank and is not the date containing the "+" sign. 



@YannDevo13 I think it is not possible to set the selected date from SharePoint list calendar view as default date in Power Apps customized list form.


Power Apps cannot understand/receive the date selected from SharePoint list calendar view. Parent.Default might be resulting in the current date column value for the item (Blank for new item and actual column value for view/edit forms).


You can set the today's date as default date for date control in the Power Apps form - but again that might confuse users if they click on +New button for other dates than today.

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What strange is that before using power apps and only keep it as a single list with a calendar view, it works. But as soon as you go into power apps forms (even if you dont change anything, I tried again without making any changes), the feature doesnt work anymore.

Isn't there another way of doing that ? I ve seen someone talking about creating a variable based on the click and use this variable as default value ? I dont know how to do that but would it work ?
You could create a Power Automate flow that sets the "Title" field to the value of the Person field if it is not already set that way.
Then you would not need a custom form.