Calculate End Date Based on Start Date Plus Duration

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Hi All - 


I'm hoping someone can help me. I have a SharePoint list that contains three columns:

PlannedStart = Date/Time column; uses Date Only

PlannedEnd = Date/Time column; uses Date Only

Duration = Number field


I am trying to set the Planned End field as a calculated value that takes the Planned Start Date and adds the number of days specified in the Duration Field. I have spent about two hours researching solutions posted by others and have tried several different things but can't seem to make it work.


Any help or insight is greatly appreciated!


=TEXT( [PlannedStart]+[Duration], "dd/mm/yyyy" )


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@tsparkman you just need to create your PlannedEnd column as a calculated column:

column settings.png


Then the result is:


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Hi @RobElliott  - Thank you so much for your reply. Your suggestion worked perfectly!

@RobElliott I know this post is old but I would like to ask if there is a way to do this same thing but the Duration is calculated by hours instead of days? Thanks for any feedback you may have.