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I created a Booking System using List of Sharepoint, the requirments are as follow


Booking Date: This is set to select the desire Date but not today Date or Past Date "I added the Enforce unique values and add the Column validation for it =[Booking Date]>TODAY() with the message to appear as "The date entered cannot be today or in the past."


Booking Time: This is set as (Dropdown List)

Morning:  07:00am-03:00pm

Evening: 04:00pm -11:30pm

All day: 07:00am- 11:30pm


Now the requirement is If someone wanted to book Lets say on 31-12-2021 can able to book Morning and if someone/Same Person wanted to book on same day evening time can be done but the Uniqe Value of booking date is the issue, it dont allow double booking and if i removed this uniqe value then many ppl can book at same Day and time. And if someone click one All Day even then no one can book Morning and Evening.


If anyone knows how please support, Validation or Java Script. Kindly provide the full details im new to this please.


Thanks Inadvance.

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