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I have everything working the way I like. There are two things I want to accomplish and both are very similar. BACKGROUND: I have 2 different lists, 1 is ASSETS which list all PCs with relative information. The other is TICKETS. This one is SP template named "Issue Tracker" modified to my needs. I am very new to SP, literally just started playing with it.


What I want to do is when a user submits a ticket via email(already working) it creates a new entry in TICKETS. I want it to pull the name of the PC from ASSETS and add it to the field named PC NAME. I have played with it and the best I get is it populates a list based on the entire column not the one PC name I want. I have seen some forums where they used PowerApps. However, when I do this it will not show the field for PC Name. Is it because it is a "LookUp field"? I dont have to use Power Apps, infact im looking for a simple solution.


Next thing I am trying to do is when a user submits the ticket it adds the title of the issue to the related PC on the ASSETS list. This way we can see all tickets related to any given PC.


I know there is no easy button but looking to see if this is possible. Let me know if you need any clarifications or screenshots of anything.

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