Automating internal communications data across SharePoint, Yammer, Lists and Power BI

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My company tracks the efficacy of its internal communications using data pulled manually from SharePoint and Yammer. This data is entered, by hand, into Lists and pulled into a Power BI for further analysis. 


We are looking to automate the data collection part of this process but aren't sure if it can be done. If anyone has expertise in this area, I would be extremely grateful.


For context, here's how the process works for each piece of communication:


  • A SharePoint article is published (sometimes the article includes a video housed in SP).
  • A Yammer post links to the SharePoint article and/or video.
  • Using Lists, we track several metrics to calculate an engagement rate.
    • Engagement rate = (SP views + video views + Yammer likes + comments + shares) / Yammer "seen by" 
  • The List data is exported into Power BI, where it can be broken down into multiple categories, such as content type, author, etc.

All of the data needed to calculate engagement rate is available to every user in SharePoint and Yammer. But we can't find a way to automatically pull that info into a central database (again, we are currently using Lists) that would provide real-time updates and integrate with Power BI. 


* See attachment for example of metrics we track.Engagement rate example.jpg



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