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I'm building an intranet using SharePoint Online. One of the solutions I would like to implement is the content archive. As far as I know it is possible to make a copy of the entire Site or a copy of the Site page/-s. I’m looking for a solution that would allow archiving individual web parts or at least sections.


1. Site owner adds a web part on a site page.

2. The web part is visible for all users that have permission to this site page.

3. Site owner removes the web part from the site page.
4a. The web part is no longer visible on the site page.
4b. The web part can still be viewed by using search option or going to some “Archive” page (which contains all so far removed elements from this site page).


Is it possible in some way to do it?

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@MajaStoinska  I can't think of any way to achieve exactly what you are asking for. The only way to solve this is probably to create completely new pages and then be able to save the old ones. The alternative is that you use the version history/version control on the pages so that, if you wish, you can look at an earlier version of a page and see any web parts there.