Approval Status Column Not Updating to Approved. Remains Pending.

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Hi All,


I am quite new to sharepoint and flow. I have a sharepoint document library enabled with Setting Required Content Approval for Submitted items. So that i have the approval status column.  


I used this template in powerautomate: Request Approval (First to Respond) for a selected file and shared the power automate flow with 2 users 


It works fine. both users received and approved it. However the Approval Status Column Still shows Pending. 


I am trying to figure out why it is not automatically set as Approved? Is there something i need to enable in sharepoint document library ?




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Hello @KrisCachia, you have to add another action after that approval action: a condition needs to be prooved.


IF the result of the approval is "Approve", in the YES Branch you have to add the action of actualizing the file or item.


And in this step or actionthe approval status has to be changed to the new status "Approved". Hope, this helps. If so, pls give a LIKE. Greets, Eva

thanks added update file properties and entered the document library and used ID from the Get File Properties in previous Step and the Approval Field was now available to be updated.

Thanks a lot for the tip.

@KrisCachia, Hi there. I have a similar problem as you with regards to wanting the Approval Status to update from Draft or Pending to Approved. May I see what your flow looks like for reference so that I can fix my flow accordingly? Right now, any documents uploaded into the document library is set in Draft status. I'd like approved documents to become Approved, while rejected documents remain as Draft. I don't need the option, Pending.