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I have a Communication Site where I post Events (company intranet). I'd like to be able to add an office-wide group to the "Event Participants" field so that everyone gets a notification about the event.


Ideally, the user would see the email, they could click a link to RSVP (add the Event to their own calendar) and the RSVPs would tabulate somewhere that I could review to see how many people to expect.


Is this do-able? Currently, it seems like I can only add individual users to the "Participants" field.

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In SharePoint, the "Event Participants" field is designed to store individual user accounts, and by default, it does not support adding groups directly. However, there are a couple of workarounds you can consider to achieve your desired functionality:


1. Use a SharePoint Group:
- Create a SharePoint group that includes all the members you want to notify about the event.
- Add the SharePoint group to the "Event Participants" field instead of individual users.
- Members of the SharePoint group will receive notifications about the event.


2. Use an Email Distribution List:
- Create an email distribution list or mailing group in your organization's email system.
- Obtain the email address associated with the distribution list.
- Add the email address of the distribution list to the "Event Participants" field.
- Send event notifications to the email distribution list, and all members of the distribution list will receive the notifications.


In both cases, it's important to note that participants will receive an email notification about the event, but their responses (RSVPs) won't be automatically tabulated or tracked within SharePoint. To track RSVPs and manage event registrations, you may need to consider using additional tools or solutions such as Microsoft Forms, Power Apps, or a custom development approach.


By combining SharePoint's notification capabilities with other tools or solutions, you can achieve the functionality you described, allowing users to receive event notifications, RSVP, and track the number of expected participants.


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Thank you for the reply! Very informative.