Add site template in the site design menu based on existing modern Team site

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Dear community,


I have currently created two modern Teams sites (in SharePoint Online), which I have pre-configured to act as template sites. We use both sits as site templates (e.g. project site and meeting site). However the amount of steps my colleagues need to take in order to create a new modern Team site based on that template seems cumbersome. The steps they currently take are described in this article:


I would really like both template sites to be listed in the site design menu when creating a new Team site (see example for communication sites below):



However, all I can find here is to configure a site design, which entails only applying a custom design and maybe some lists, but does not go as far as a completely pre-configured site (template). 


Can you please advise if it is possible to add a "site template" in the site design menu (so it includes pre-configured pages, lists with content etc.)? And if not, is it possible to add a custom site template in a less cumbersome way then explained in that website? Maybe with a powershell command with a reference to an existing site to use as template?


Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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