Add new item in lookup column

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This has probably been asked before, but I can't find the answer in the search.


I have two SharePoint lists.

1. Businesses

2. Contacts


In the contact list, I have a lookup column to add the business (or businesses) where the contact works. When someone adds a new contact, I would like have a "add new business" in the lookup column so that the person doing the data entry also adds all the business information in the businesses list. Is that possible?

Or, there could be a extra column that has just a button to click for "new business" that would open the form for the business list.



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Hello @JoelGDucharme 


in SharePoint standard it gives not an easy way for that.


You can use Power Apps  for that. With Power Apps you can create list form formulas with additional optons or buttons, to create elements in both lists.


Best, Dave