Add an AD group to a SharePoint List User/Group column

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I've got a SharePoint List with a Person or Group column.


I'd like to select a specific AD list as a SharePoint group in order to limit the people who can be added.


What is the best way of doing this?



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Go into List Settings, then choose your People column and set the 'choose from' option to a Group. You can create a new SharePoint Group and populate the members.  



You can add your AD group in a SharePoint group which will work perfectly to grant access to your AD group users. But if you limit a People picker column to this SharePoint group, it cannot read individual users in AD group. Whole AD group can be selected if selecting groups is enabled in your people picker column.

@Bharath Arja good point, I had forgotten about that. I did someone thing similar where I had a script extract members from an AD group and add users individually to a SharePoint Group. I haven't tried, but I think you could do the same thing with the Office Graph API and Power Automate.



Thanks all, it's looking like it was an issue with me having access to Site Permissions (I'd been assured several time I had full access).