Access the groups.aspx page from a SharePoint O365 Group connected site

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Hi, I would like to understand the reason why there is no easy way to access the _layouts/15/groups.aspx page from an O365 Group connected SharePoint site? Why was it hidden from the site settings?


I understand that an O365 group SP site should be managing the users in the O365 group but that does not means there is no need to have other SP groups to manage permissions in other location of the site.


The only way I see to get the list of available SP groups is to click on one of the default SP group in the site permissions and then click the "Group" link available in the quick launch. It is not straightforward...



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It's a design thing because Membership in sites connected to group should be managed by the Group Membership
Thanks for your response!

I just think this is bad design as we are allowed to create other SharePoint groups anyway so why not leave the "users and groups from" site settings?
I hate O365 group permissions as it is very limited so this is why I use extra SP groups... And I'm not a fan to create other sites for other permissions requirements...

Well I'll still have to show the workaround to get access to SP groups to my customers :( ...


@Martin Coupal I agree this is bad design. 


We have subfolders in our site that we want to grant access to people who are members of our larger organization (a college) not members of our main team (housing department). 


I've created a group for each folder, but finding the location to manage group membership is confusing.