Access Denied after page modified

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Users are getting an Access Denied message on a page they previously had access to (and they are still showing as having Read permissions)


The page was edited 4 days ago but the changes weren’t published. I’m wondering if the problem might be something to do with that (though of course normally this wouldn’t matter - people should still be able to see the current version).


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@David BROOKS 

Do you have minor and major version activated on the library page? Were they in the "visitor" part?

If you have minor version activated, in the library setting, under the section "version history", which option is ticked?


If it's not "any user who can read items", they may not see it.


Hi @Vertebre85 


That page library has "Only users who can edit items" selected. However this applies to all our page libraries and the issue is only being reported for one specific page.


If "any user who can read items" is selected I assume this means users would see unpublished drafts, which we don't want. They should just be seeing the previous published version.


(As a workaround I am going to try publishing the page to see if this sorts out the problem)

@David BROOKS I forgot to ask

With the current setting, the page version, was it lower than 1.0? if there is at least a 1.0 they should see the previous published page. If there was no version 1.0, the page is "not existing" for people with no edit right



The current version (which people should be seeing) is 5.0

I have the same issue..Only difference is, my sitepages has workflow enabled. So the page was in the state "Review approvals" when people tried accessing gave access denied error. After publishing it was accessible.

From my understanding people should be able to see the last published version at least not access denied error.


Any help would be appreciated. 

@Ankita Pillai I dont know if this helps but we've solved the mystery. The page is giving Access Denied because the author deliberately un-published it in order to hide out of date information

@David BROOKS 

The author accidentally edited the page again, and submitted for approval again and forgot to review the approval. But for a page which was already once published, should we (the others) not see the already published version? Why are they getting the access denied?