Questions on setting up archiving policy from M365 compliance center.

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Hi Community, 


According to this documentation (, our partner is seeing the below features as "Older" features in Exchange online MRM.


“An archive policy for archive mailboxes to automatically move emails from a user’s primary mailbox to their archive mailbox after a specified period of time. Eg: EAC uses a default retention tag to move all emails from primary mailbox to archive after 2yrs. The same ability when using retention tags within EAC to manage individual mailbox folders (Not referring to Personal Tags). Eg: Retention Tag: Delete mail from “Deleted Items” folder after 30 days or from “Junk Email” folder.




1. How do we achieve the above things through M365 Compliance center (M365 retention policies and labels)?
2. Do we have this in the roadmap if it is not currently achievable?
3. As an alternative, can we do it through Azure PowerShell?

Any guidance would be of great help!


Many thanks in advance!

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