New Blog Post | Hunting Queries and Response Automation in Azure Firewall Solution for Sentinel




New Detections, Hunting Queries and Response Automation in Azure Firewall Solution for Azure Sentine...

Recent breaches surface the need for all organizations to adopt an assume breach mindset to security.  While organizations continue to invest heavily in the products and technology to prevent breaches, having automated threat detection and response capabilities to identify malicious actors and actions in your environment has become the need of the hour.  To enable these capabilities at scale, organizations need to have cutting-edge monitoring and response tools along with the detection logic to identify threats.


The cloud native Azure Firewall provides protection against network-based threats.  Azure Sentinel is the cloud native SIEM and SOAR solution which provides threat detection, hunting, and automated response capabilities for Azure Firewall.  While this is great, customers must go through multiple blades and steps in Azure Sentinel to deploy and configure all the detections, hunting queries, workbooks, and automation, which can be an overhead.


Readers of this post will hopefully be aware of the ever-growing integration between Azure Firewall and Azure Sentinel1. At Microsoft, we continue to innovate best security detection and response experiences for you, and we are excited to present the Azure Firewall Solution for Azure Sentinel, as announced in the blog post Optimize security with Azure Firewall solution for Azure Sentinel2. The Azure Firewall Solution provides Azure Firewall specific net new detections and hunting queries. The solution also contains a new firewall workbook and automation components, which can now be deployed in a single, streamlined method.

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