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Azure Purview is a unified Data Governance tool used to manage and govern your on-premises, multicloud, and SaaS data. For those of you who have used Azure Purview previously, you will know that to scan sources such as Azure data assets (Blobs, Azure Data Lake Service, etc.) you will need an authentication methodology leveraging either a Purview managed identity or perhaps a service principal. This applies to a wide array of assets, however, there is also a method to use self-hosted integration runtimes (SHIR) that will let you scan data sources in Azure Purview. This is particularly useful to install into your machines when scanning a resource in a private network (on-prem or VNET). One of the top use cases for this is around the scanning of on-prem SQL Servers, which is a frequent ask from customers.

In this blog we will review how to set up a self-hosted integration runtime in Azure Purview and demonstrate how to use it in setting up a scan for an on-prem SQL Server.

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