New Blog Post | Announcing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps



Introducing Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps

Organizations are embracing cloud apps to improve productivity and enable the modern, global workforce. This rapid growth requires a modern approach to security and compliance. Microsoft Defender for Cloud Apps, formerly known as Microsoft Cloud App Security, is a comprehensive solution for security and compliance teams enabling users in the organization, local and remote, to safely adopt business applications without compromising productivity.

Last year at Ignite, we shared our vision to create the most complete approach for securing your digital estate and integrating XDR technologies under the Microsoft Defender brand. Unifying Microsoft Cloud Apps Security to the Defender name reflects the integrated security capabilities Microsoft offers across identities, endpoints, applications, email, IoT, infrastructure, and cloud platforms.
Defender for Cloud Apps helps you gain visibility of your deployed cloud apps, discovers shadow IT, and protects your sensitive information. It provides protection against cyber threats, assesses compliance, and manages your security posture across clouds while supporting more cloud-native applications with new capabilities for governance and additional platform visibility.

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