AIP - turn the label bar on / off by default in Office apps, but let the user decide?

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Hi all,


within our AIP policy for all users, we have enabled ("on") the option "Display the information protection bar in Office apps".




Several user complain that they can't turn it off. They can click "Protection" and remove the checkmark from "Show bar", but after the user restarts any Office application, the bar is back again.



Are we able to help and ease its user's pain e.g. by a REG key that remains or something like that?


It would be great if I can set a default setting (on or off), and if the user makes a change (klick on "Show bar"), the setting should remain for the specific Office app.


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@MartinZoller Hi. There's an advanced setting to control the persistence of the toolbar status change:

Please let us know if that doesn't address your requirements. 

@Enrique Saggese 


Thanks Enrique... answered my question 100%. I thought the advanced setting you mentioned before disables the bar by default, but this is not true. We already tested it: Bar is enabled by default (by standard AIP policy setting), but the user can decide to turn it off by the new advanced setting (and also enable it again if the user wants to do it).


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@Enrique SaggeseComing back to this, because we are looking into Unified Labeling and also want to use the "EnableBarHiding" feature with UL (


Unfortunately, I can't find the setting (or similar) for UL (


Do you plan to provide the setting also for UL in the (near) future?


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Hi @MartinZoller. This setting is not planned for UL. But in the title of your post you say "let the user decide", and this is actually the behavior: the existing advanced setting you found changes the default status, but doesn't prevent the user from showing or hiding the bar. Is your objective to prevent the user form showing or hiding the bar?

Thanks again @Enrique Saggese 


Step by step:


1) We enforce to enable the AIP label bar for all users in the default AIP policy ("Display the Information Protection bar in Office apps")

=> This turns the "Show bar" option on for everyone. A user can turn it off afterwards if desired. BUT: When the user restarts the respective Office application, the bar is turned on again.


2) We set the advanced setting "EnableBarHiding" and this allows the user to turn the label bar off.

=> But this time, the bar stays off even after an Office restart. Perfect!


It behaves exactly as described in here:


Summary: By default, the bar should be visible for everyone. But the user may decide if he/she wants to turn it off permanently. We don't want to hide the option. Of course, if the user decides to turn it on again after some time, he/she can do that with the "Show bar" option and the Label bar stays active, even after an Office restart.


Does it make it a little bit more clear?


We are looking for the same behavior in UL.