A question about Microsoft's password management system

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I travel a fair amount, so am often logging in on my laptop from a new spot. This site to its credit recognizes that and asks me to login from scratch. But when I do it can become problematic if I make the slightest mistake in the password. 


Specifically one mistake leads to a message to the effect "Too many mistaken attempts; you must change your password" 

But it's never really "too many"--just one.

And from there it gets worse, because when I do change the password and then try to immediately use that new password, it doesn't get recognized (though I'm sure I've done it correctly) and I'm directed yet again to change it.


But if I wait, oh, ten minutes to log in, that new password works.


Leading me to think that Microsoft's own process for recording and implementing the new password takes a few minutes (for some unimaginable reason).


It happened to me again last evening, twice. I was even told finally that I'd made too many attempts to change the password and would have to try again this morning. BUT I ignored that advice, waited about 15 minutes, came back and logged in successfully with the final password I'd set (despite MSFT having told me I'd have to wait till today)......


Have any of you experienced this? Or problems like it? 

@cuong Is it a known issue, per chance?


It's a big inconvenience, not so much because it interferes with my participation in this forum (though that is a concern), but more because it also means my OneDrive subscription is blocked for the duration, since it relies on the same credentials.

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I haven't experienced that, but I agree it's worrying!

@mathetes Never had that problem.

Hoping someone in this Tech Community forum can help.

I have also faced this problem with Microsoft's password management system and I was hoping someone from this community helps me out ASAP!!!!


Hello! You've posted your question in the Tech Community Discussion space, which is intended for discussion around the Tech Community website itself, not product questions. I'm moving your question to the Security, Compliance and Identity space - please post relevant questions here in the future. 

@Eric Starker 


Eric -- just for the record, it was actually @cuong who posted my question there, having moved it from yet a different board. And Cuong is a Microsoft employee. A Microsoft employee who was trying to help me by posting it where he thought it belonged.


Which suggests to me that there's another issue--and I don't even want to hazard a guess as to where this question should be posted: and that is "How is one to know where to post a question about which board THIS question should be posted on??!!"


I'm kidding in part, but surely you must recognize that the organization structure of these message boards is not--how can I put it?--intuitive, crystal clear. That's what it's not; what it is, is confusing.

Hello! I know who Cuong is and work with him on Tech Community. I didn't realize he had moved it to the Tech Community Discussion space, but perhaps he didn't realize where it belonged as well, which is fine.

I'm sorry to hear about your navigation experience on Tech Community. I'll make sure our tech lead is informed of your feedback. In general, posts belong around the topic they are associated with, which is usually a product. We do post pretty strong reminders for people posting in the Tech Community Discussion space that posts should be about the Tech Community in general, but if Cuong moved it from another space, he wouldn't have seen that.

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Thanks for posting, unfortunately all things to do with Login to Microsoft Tech Community are owned by the Microsoft Account team, we have no control over the login at all.


Think of it as an external service that we ping when you hit sign in and say:

  • "Hey this user wants to login"
  • it then takes the user off to another site, collects your credentials, verifies them
  • then returns to us and says "Hey this user is a valid user and has passed authentication here is a unique identifier for them. 


What you have outlined is not the experience I would expect, and if it were common, I would expect we would be getting lots of posts like yours. So all that said, what I will do is try to reach out to the team internally and see if they can help but it may need a case to be opened with Microsoft Account support team, but I will let you know.