Transfer Gantt Chart to PowerPoint

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How do I transfer a Gantt chart created in MS Project to PowerPoint? Is this something that can be done at all?


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Karine0918 --

Yes, this can be done, but the method for doing this involves capturing a screenshot of the Gantt Chart view. Microsoft Project has its own tool for doing this. Display the Gantt Chart view, expose the column you want to show, and set the level of zoom as desired for the Gantt Chart screen.

In the Clipboard section of the Task ribbon, click the Copy pick list button (the little dropdown arrow on the Copy button) and select the Copy Picture item. In the Copy Picture dialog, you will probably want to experiment with the settings in the three sections of the dialog. The first two options in the Render Image section will copy a screenshot to the Windows Clipboard, from which you can paste the image to PowerPoint. Hope this helps.
Thank you! That seems easy enough to do. :)