Team expiration and renewal

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Dear Team,

I configured an Office 365 group expiration policy and set the Group lifetime(in days) to 31 and applied it to all.


After a day, I immediately received an email notification that my group will expire. However, for the Teams that I've created from those Office 365 Groups, this particular setting is still not showing up.



It's been 14 days now and it's still like that. I can verify that the expiration date was stamped on the Office 365 group and was not moved yet by running Get-UnifiedGroup cmdlet.


The question is, when will this setting show up in Teams?


*Note: Several groups that are Inactive are the same.

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Hello @Raizel ,

You have posted in the Microsoft Project community, there is a Microsoft Teams community here: 

It would be worth posting this query in that community.


Dear Paul,

Thank you for correcting. Cheers!