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I am absolutely struggling to wrap my mind around settings for User Access involving PWA and the individual SharePoint Project sites.


In our solution:

1. We are using 'Project Permission Mode'


2. When a new Project is created, we have a Flow that creates a corresponding Team and SharePoint, and establishes a User selected while setting up the Project as the 'Owner' of the Team/Group for the Project.


3. Once the Project is created, in the Teams app, the 'Owner' will add Members to the Team for a specific Project.


4. Each Team has tabs which link to various document libraries (drawings, specifications, contracts, etc) in the SharePoint site for the Project.


The Issue:

When the Owner adds an employee to a Project Team, the employee is able to see that Team in their Teams app...


However, some employees, when they click on a Tab that corresponds to a SharePoint document library, they get presented with "You need permission to access this site / Request Access".


My main struggle is that not every employee experiences this issue, and I cannot find any sort of consistency.


Any advice?




Additional Information:


1. Not all users need any sort of access to PWA or the PWA Project Site. The users that do need access to PWA are assigned (at minimum) a Project Essential license.


2. All users, when added to a Team, need (at minimum) the ability to Read the SharePoint site for the Project, and the files stored there.


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Hello @tayram,

To clarify, when you say the Owner added the user to the Project Team in this the Microsoft Team for that project or are you referring to the project owner using the build team feature in Project Online? Either way, you will need to ensure that user is added to the Project Site if they need access to the Project site document library. Project Online can handle this access / permission sync if you are using the "Project permission" which you state you are and providing the Project Sites are in the PWA site collection. You would just need to ensure that on the Enterprise Project Types (EPT) settings you have "Sync User Permissions" enabled. Project Online will then use the PWA access model to determine which users to sync to which project sites.