Project workflows: How the "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" connector can help you

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Azure Logic Apps and Flow feature a "Send an HTTP request to SharePoint" connector.SharePoint HTTP connectorSharePoint HTTP connector


This helps a lot as it does the authentication against SharePoint for you and allows you to use the full REST API  of Project Online.

The current Project Online connectors are limited and after two years still in preview. So with the HTTP connector you will have a lot of new possibilities to manipulate Project Online without writing too much code.

An intro to basic REST operations on Project Online can be found here:

Link to the REST API documentation:


An example on how to change the project description:

Change project descriptionChange project description


Have fun building your workflows!

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To update a project custom field you can use a similar REST endpoint:

Update custom fieldUpdate custom field


Dont forget to check out you project before and check it in later on:Checkout ProjectCheckout ProjectPublish projectPublish project