Project Online - No Tasks Visible in Project Server

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Hi there,

I have prepared a few sample Project files in which I have created tasks and assigned the tasks to Resources (who have similar access using Project Online).  When I assign the task to the Resource in the Project file, it has been automatically mapped and updated to their Enterprise ID.


At present, the tasks do not show up for for Resource user on the Tasks page in Project Center. Looking for any support to help troubleshoot this. Thanks!



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VU_09 --

Have you actually PUBLISHED this project? You must publish an enterprise project for the information in the project to become visible in PWA, particularly in the Project Center page, Tasks page, and the Timesheet page. To publish an enterprise project, click File > Info > Publish. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thank you for the prompt response! Yes I have published the project samples I had created, but have yet to see the resource assignments flow through to the Task view. Please find a quick view of the Projects tab below for your reference.



VU_09 --

Is the user an enterprise resource in the Enterprise Resource Pool in PWA? And if so, is the user a member of the Team Members group in PWA? Please let us know and we will try to help you.

Hi @VU_09 ,

Check the Category permission of your group, that it has been permitted to see the view or see the window for the published tasks. The tasks are shown for 2 future weeks by default settings.

VU_09 --

In the screenshot of the Tasks page you shared, is this YOUR Tasks page or the Tasks page of the user in question. If the screenshot is of YOUR Tasks page, you will only be able to see the tasks assigned to you, and you will not be able to see the tasks assigned to other resources in the project. Please let us know whose Tasks page we are seeing. Thanks!