Project Online: Error when accessing a newly created PWA instance

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I just created a new PWA site for my client's office 365 tenant (via Sharepoint Admin Center > Active Sites). I chose Create Site > Other Options > Choose a template "Project Web App site". I made myself the administrator of this site.

After the site was created, I accessed this PWA site and everything was ok at first.

Until a short moment after, I revisited the site again and it has shown this message


"No Project Web App instances found. Create at least one PWA instance before accessing this page."


I have created PWA before and never encountered this. Please advice.

PWA access error.PNG

Thank you.

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To solve “No Project web app instances found” error, you should enable PWA Site feature for Project Web Instance by doing the following:

Enable PWA Site Feature in Project Server 2016
Open SharePoint 2016 Management Studio as Administrator.
Open SharePoint 2016 PowerShell - Upgrade and Migrate to Project Server 2016
Enable ‘pwasite‘ feature on the newly created PWA site collection.
Enable-SPFeature pwasite -URL http://PWAURL
Enable PWA Feature PowerShell
Make sure that the PWA site collection has a Project Template “pwa#0″ before enabling the PWA feature. Read more at Failed to find Project Site object. Are there any database mounted?

Go back to browse the PWA 2016 Instance that should be now working properly.
Open PWA 2016
PWA 2016
If you still getting “No Project web app instances found Create at least one PWA instance before accessing this page“, that means the PWA instance is not configured properly. In this case, it’s strongly recommended to check this guide to Install and Configure Project Server 2016 step by step to create a PWA 2016 instance in a proper way.

In conclusion, we have learned how to enable the PWA feature for PWA site collection to avoid “No Project web app instances found. Create at least one PWA instance before accessing this page” in Project Server 2016.

Applies To
Project Server 2016.
Project Server 2013.
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This issue usually occurs because of the PWA instance is not provisioned correctly. You didn't create the PWA Project Database. You created the PWA Project Database but you didn't attach it to your PWA instance.

Do you know if you got an answer on this? It looks like you're in Project Online as I am with this error:
I posted an update that seems to be exactly what is happening yet I don't know of a fix:

best response confirmed by Dale Howard (MVP)

I just got off the phone with Microsoft support.

Seemed that the GUI for setting this up didn't work and after running a command showed that PWA was disabled - PWAEnabled : Disabled

We ran these in PowerShell (we changed the name here to YOUR tenant name, and YOUR site):
Connect-SPOService -url
Get-SPOSite -Identity |fl 
#PWAEnabled : Disabled
Set-SPOSite -Enable $true -identity





Now it works, I had a few sites that I created, so we ran the command a few times.  This is what it should be.  Seems when it was going through, it somehow changed the PWAEnabled: Disabled when it should be Enabled.  The graphic above shows when we executed and got the result below and checked and it was enabled.  Originally it was disabled.



The PWA instance is not provisioned correctly. The PWA Project Database was not created by you. You didn't attach the PWA Project Database to your PWA instance.