Project Online Desktop Client & Project for the Web

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With a Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client (Version 2202), how do I work together with the Project for the Web version?

1. Can I manage all the critical path, resources and filter desktop client and publish to Web?

2. How to make agile task and share to Web for other? Provide that I only have 1 desktop client for the project. Do they need the Web license?

3. I am not connected to Project Web App. How can I do so? Do I need a special license?

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Hello @bio ,

You are not able to connect Microsoft Project Online Desktop Client to a Project for the web project. All you can do is import a project desktop client project into Project for the web: 

Here is a getting started link for Project for the web: 

Project Online is different, you can fully manage projects stored in Project Online using the Project Online Desktop Client, here is a getting started guide for Project Online: