Project online activity tab missing on my PWA Projects

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I have messed it up.. Testing Project Online and set up a project with activities, resources and time/duration. Everything OK until I went in to “Edit page” and clicked or removed something. 

When I open PWA Projects now the Activity tab is missing. How can I restore it? 
Hopefully someone can help.


Screen dump of how it looks when I click on my PWA project (sorry it's in Norwegian)

Skjermbilde 2022-01-26 kl. 15.29.15.png

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Hello @Knut_Aandal ,

Is the page missing or is a web part missing from a page that is still accessible? If so, is this the web part that shows the project schedule tasks?


@Paul Mather Hello and thank you for your reply.

Earlier I had a tab/page option i the left side navigation after selecting the project. Now only Timeline and Project details(i think they are called in English) are shown. In the missing page I all activities, gant charts and other info was shown.


I would be grateful if you have a suggestion on how to get it back.


Hello @Knut_Aandal ,

Is it this page you are missing?



Did you click the "Delete Page" button?

Hi again.

Yes it is and yes i probably did hit Delete (in my eager to learn without a tutorial or "adult" supervision).

Hello @Knut_Aandal ,

If you navigate here: Settings cog (top right corner) > PWA Settings > Project Details Pages, do you see the "Schedule" page there?


Hello @Paul Mather


Yes i can find the Schedule page. See screenshot.


Skjermbilde 2022-01-27 kl. 14.24.57.png 

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Hello@Knut_Aandal ,

In that case the page has not been deleted but it looks like you have deleted the web part from that page. See the steps below:

  • Access the Schedule page
  • Click the Page tab > Edit page
  • Click "Add a web part"
  • Find and select "Project Web App" in the Categories
  • Select the "Details" part and click Add
  • Click Stop Editing

That should solve the issue.


Thank you so much.
It fixed my mistakes and the view is now back to normal.