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Hi everyone!

Since uservoice cannot be used anymore, I hope this post will be read by a MSFT product group and take the suggestion in consideration :)

MS To-do (and/or Tasks by Planner) slowly but surely becomes the central place for tasks around the product line, but one missing piece of the puzzle which I am sure everyone would love is the ability to see the tasks from Project for the web assigned to me in To-do / Tasks by Planner.

It is great already that Planner tasks are in to-do (for small/agile projects), but when it comes to complex/waterfall this feature is missing.

Does anyone know if this is planned somehow? I could not find anything in MS roadmap...

Thank you.

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This is so important! We need this feature on the roadmap with priorization

Any news here? This is crucial for our adoption story as people are becoming more ans more comfortable with the Planner integration. They try to accomplish everything with Planner instead checking for Project on the web. Not having the integration here lowers the appeal to deal with the tool at all. 

I agree as well...this is crucial. When I go to Settings in the MS ToDo app and scroll down to "Connected Apps" I fully expected to see "Project" as an option. The only two options currently are Planner (tasks assigned to you) and Flagged email. Please let us know if and when Project (tasks assigned to you) will be an option as a Connected App in MS ToDo.
i agree this is required for widespread adoption of p4w.
I fully support this message. Project and Planner are very different and both have a usage at operational level. To do is the central point to organise personal workload where project and planner are there to organize at Team level. We really need a link between the Project app and To-do...
Does anyone know if this was resolved?
Mase1020 --

Don't hold your breath waiting for this functionality in Project for the Web (what you describe as the Project app). I see nothing on the development Roadmap for this tool that reveals Microsoft will integrate Project for the Web with the To-Do app. Sorry, but hope this helps.

@Dale Howard this is one of the reason I am seeing my customer move away from using Microsoft project management solutions


GK_Con --

I can understand your frustration, my friend, and I fully understand why our customers are leaving.

@Dale Howard you mean the public roadmap (Microsoft 365-Roadmap – Microsoft 365-Update | Microsoft 365) or do you have insider knowledge on internal roadmaps?

The Roadmap available for the public. I do not work for Microsoft, so I have NO insider knowledge about this.
thanks for taking the time to respond - shame though, would be incredibly useful for my project teams