Project Doubts (% complete)

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Hello Guys, 

I'm new to the project application. I have been assigned a project schedule by my company. 

I have somehow created the project schedule and assigned the tasks as manually scheduled. 

I have 5 tasks in my project and I have finished 2 of them. I have also added % complete field and when I'm updating the status of the task to 100% for subtasks, everything is fine. 

Problem statement:

After setting the status of the tasks to 100% in 2 phases, my overall % complete is going to 61%. But I have defined 5 phases in the project schedule and 3 of them haven't even started. So just wanted to know how it is calculated as 60%?


Please do help me with this issue.


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Project Doubts --

The % Complete field literally means % of Duration Complete. The formula used to calculate % Complete is Actual Duration/Duration x 100%. Duration represents the total time span of the project, while Actual Duration represents how much of the time span has been "used up" or completed.

So, when you see the % Complete value of 61% for your project, this indicates that you have "used up" 61% of the time span allotted to complete the project. Hope this helps.