Project and Planner not transferring data together

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I have a project plan developed in Project profession desktop which I have uploaded in to PWA. This works fine, but when I create a link to a Planner in teams, the link is created, but no information is transferred from the project into planner - it just remains blank.


Any thoughts?



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Jason --

The link to the Planner project is nothing more than a hyperlink. There is no data exchanged between Microsoft Project and Planner. Most people expect what you expect, but that is not how this feature works. Sorry, but hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response. 


That is a shame that this doesn't function as expected. It would seem almost pointless in its current implementation.


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Jason --

For whatever it is worth, I totally agree with you. What you expected from this feature is what most people expected, including me. When I discovered that the feature only created a one-way hyperlink, I was disappointed as well. It is what it is, and I doubt Microsoft will ever change this behavior. So, we live with its limitation.