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A customer from me has the issue, that he cannot print with microsoft Project on the A0 format. When he wants to have it printed, he has to save it first with 'Print to PDF', and after that, send it with another tool to the printer, to print it at A0 format. He is using Microsoft Professional Project 2016


1. Is it true that Microsoft Project Cannot print on A0  with a real printer?

2. Is there a Microsoft Project version, where this is changed/solved? 


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Does he get some kind of error when printing directly to his A0 printer?
No, he has not the posibillity to choose the A0 format (the format is not in the list), so he cannot print on A0
OK so the sizes available depend on the printer driver, not Project itself. If the printer you are using supports A0 then Project will print to it. the Microsoft PDF driver does not support it. Neither does the XPS driver.
The Adobe PDF driver does if they have access to Adobe Acrobat. If they can install the printer they will be using onto their machine then that printer will allow for them to print direct.

Thanks for your time and answer. The thing is: They use the A0-format with a lot of other programs, and they are printing. So the printer and driver are supporting that.
He has a adobe acrobat also, and he uses it also for printing Ao. thats working.

Only Microsoft Project will not print on A0 on that plotter...

Any Idea?

So you are saying that when it goes to pick a size he sees A0 but then he selects it, it doesn't work?


OK I tried this myself and it kept reverting back to 8.5x11 so I clicked on Printer Properties and then changed this setting to A0. Then it worked.




Thanks again. I don't have Project on my own pc, so before going to the customer, how do you come in this screen?

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@PieterDeVisser With the Adobe PDF driver selected click the "printer properites" link just below that.