predecessors as starting date for big tasks that has other task below it

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I'm new on project and I want to use a task as starting point for a big task, I know that its not best practice to create this kind of connection but is there a way I can do this with out linking each task to the task( i have about 200 tasks i need to connect and other projects i work on that also need to work this way).


look at 1.1.1 and 1.6.1.

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ZionMesilati --

If I understand correctly, you need to link approximately 200 tasks to a "big" task in your project. Assuming that those 200 tasks are predecessors to the "big" task, click the Predecessors cell for the "big" task and then click the pick list button in the Predecessors cell. In the pick list, select the checkbox for each of the 200 tasks that you want to be a predecessor for the big task. That would be the easiest way to handle this situation. If I am not understanding your question correctly, please let me know. Thanks!


I'm not sure why you say, "'s not best practice to create this kind of connection...". A good plan should be fully linked to create dynamic network logic.


Looking at your screen shot, it appears your starting point is 11/9/22 and the "start" milestone is at that date. If your intent is to start several tasks at that milestone, then you really don't need a bunch of links to do that. Simply set your Project Start Date (Project > Properties group > Project Information) at 11/9/22 and all tasks that do not have other predecessors will start on that date.


For any other task or group of tasks that are not initiated by the Project start date, those tasks should have an appropriate predecessor.


It seems a little unusual that you would have a significant number of tasks (i.e. 200) that all start some time after a previous task but I could envision a scenario that has pre-contract tasks. Something like that could be handled by setting the Project Start Date at the contract date, not the actual start date. For example, in this case there is a pre-contract effort ahead of the project start date. Multiple tasks then automatically are "kicked off" by the contract.