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Hi hoping someone can provide some clarity of on the overallocated resources report with Project online.


We have a resource who as far as I can see, isn't allocated any tasks within the project but is showing as overallocated - the bulk of which appear to be from 'Other Projects and commitments' i.e not related to work I'm running the overallocated report from. 


The question is whether it's possible to remove the 'other projects and commitments' data and why would the resource in question be showing as having allocated tasks in report usage report when they aren't a resource name in the schedule?


Hope this makes sense...



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RyanEdu --

The solution is easy for this problem. In your copy of Microsoft Project, click File > Info > Manage Accounts > Configure Accounts. In the Project Web App Accounts dialog, select the "Choose an account" option in the lower left corner of the dialog, and then click the OK button. Exit Microsoft Project completely.

Re-launch Microsoft Project. In the Login dialog, DESELECT the "Load Summary Resource Assignments" checkbox and then click the OK button. From this point forward, you will no longer see the "Other projects and commitments" line in the Resource Usage view, which will allow you to focus only on overallocations in the individual project you have open.

Hope this helps.
Many thanks Dale appreciated