MS Project and Teams

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Hello, I am a first time user and poster here and I apologize in advance if I my question has already been answered previously.


I want to use MS Project and Teams as a collaboration tool for my team at work. I want to add a project to  a channel on Teams. Does someone know if the app below is  for MS Project Online, Project for the web, Project desktop, or Project Planner? 




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Steve --

This is a really good question, so there is no need to apologize for asking it. The Project icon refers to the Project for the Web application. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard Thank you for the response. Does this mean MS teams can only work hand in hand with MS Project for the Web?


I find that Project on the web does not have all the tools such as Project Desktop (i.e. The Web version only allows for FS dependency). 

Steve --

Yes, your assumptions are true. Project for the Web has only a very small set of features found in the Microsoft Project desktop application. Project for the Web is intended for small and simple projects, while the Microsoft Project desktop application can handle every type of project from small and simple projects to large and complex projects.

So, if you want to use a project management tool with Teams, Project for the Web is your options. Sorry, but hope this helps.