Migrate all P4TW projects from default environment to new production environment

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I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion on how to go about copying the default environment to a new production environment. 


I had a situation this week where a user deleted a few project records and the only way to recover them was to restore to a backup however, there is no ability to do this on the default environment. Now I am looking for a way to convert all the projects, approx 100, over to a new environment where ill re deploy the project accelerator app but will have to ability to recover deleted projects or restore to a backup. 


Thank you for your feedback. 


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Hello @Dribblej ,

You could export out the projects using this process:  then import using: 

I've never tried this but see if this is an option. I'm not sure in the MPP file generated using the export and be imported etc. 


Thank you for your response Paul. I will report back how it goes. This is my main focus right now. Im actually having a hard time moving over project for the web projects to a production environment.