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I am struggling with something I thought would be straight forward enough, but seems it isn't! 

Basically I want to compare Last Modified and Last Published and show a KPI for variance. It is vitally important for the customer that I am working with that they have the ability to control when a project plan is published (because it won't always be a finished state suitable for the respective audience to view when saved) So if a project is more than say 5 days variance between Last modified and Last published it should show up as a red indicator, less than 5 days, yellow, and matching then green. 


Sounds simple enough ?  But when I try to add [Last Modified] or [Last Published] as a field to my formula, neither are recognised or found...


What am I doing wrong ?  Is there another way to solve this issue ?


Many Thanks 


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Hi @Alison Howes,

You are better off doing this as a calculation in a report as the PWA calculated fields will not update until the projects are modified and this wont be visible in PWA until the projects are published. Also it might be worth reading this article as there might be scenarios where you get unexpected results: