How to have two tasks start on same day

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I am trying to have two tasks start on same day both linked to each other. So this is what I tried:


Two task example

   Task A    06/23/2022  06/23/2022  1 day

   Task B    06/23/2022  06/23/2022  1 day

   Task C    06/23/2022  06/23/2022  1 day  


What I initially did is I copied the end date of the first and did a paste special as object to the start of Task B and that worked. I did even have the predecessors too.


But when I tried to add more that technique didn't worked out. 


The only time I can have all tasks start on the same day / date is when I do not link them or remove predecessors 


Any advise will be much appreciated.





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Hello @ThePM-CA ,

What about changing the relationship type to Start to Start:


To do this, either:

  • Double click the task and use the Task Information window then on the Predecessors tab change the Type as seen below:



  • Click in the Predecessors field, press F2 to put the cell in edit mode then type SS after the task ID:


I hope that helps


Thank you Paul it worked