external projects interdependencies on restricted access files

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I would like to create cross dependencies on different project files that have restricted write access.



  • let's say File A can be edited only by person A, but other people can read.
  • likewise File B can be edited only by person B, but other people can read.
  • person B wants to link a task in project A as a predecessor of a task in file B. It works OK at the beginning, except that once both projects are closed, the link is not retained, because it was read only for person B.

These are the findings of my experiment. I am doing something wrong or is it an expected behavior?


The reason for restricting access to files is to avoid automatic creation of copy files each time 2 persons open the same file at the same time.  The files are stored in TEAMS and are synced on persons PC.

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Yann-78 --

In a situation like this, you need someone who has permission to open and edit BOTH projects. Let's say that individual is Person C who works in the PMO. Person C should open both projects, set the cross-project dependency, then save and close both projects. Hope this helps.

@Dale Howard 

thanks for your feed back. I have thought about that but it will not solve the issue of close files. I was wondering if I limited write restrictions and enforced check-in check-out would help.