Cooperation with Microsoft Project .

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Hi everyone :) 


I would like cooperation with Microsoft Project ( versions fils, who saved, who changed something or something like tkat )  Just as or equal Microsoft Word  or Microsoft Excel.  


I need Microsoft Pro or Microsoft Project Server ? 

I will be greatful, when someone will explain me. 



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Hi @Damian_Dbrowski ,

Could you confirm the requirements? Are you looking for co-authoring like you can with Word and Excel Online? Or are you looking for audit tracking, who modified the project file and when? 


@Paul Mather 


it will be great, if i have two options :) 

You know, when i used example Excel or Word work is really easy. I would like to follow work with my friends from team. 

- who changed files, 

- who add new task etc. 



Hello @Damian_Dbrowski ,

There used to be the log level manager in Project Server 2013 - I'm not sure if that is still available for Project Server 2019

Otherwise you can either build your own audit app or look for a 3rd party app such as Fluent Pro Audit Manager:  I've never used the Fluent Pro Audit Manager tool but from the site above it looks like it might give the auditing you are looking for.


i am greatfull for help. I have yet a little questions for.  Scenario is: when I'm working on a shared file and someone is making their changes. I would not like to overwrite his changes. Do you understand me ? :) 

Hello @Damian_Dbrowski ,

Only one person can edit a project file at any one time, this applies when using Project desktop standalone or with Project Server so there is no risk of overwriting. If you look at the new Project for the web application from Microsoft, this supports co-authoring so multiple users can edit the project at the same time if required: Projects created in Project for the web cannot be opened in Microsoft Project Desktop though, it is only web based access.