change time recording from weekly to daily in project online

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Our company has just changed the timesheet capture from weekly to daily, and now the timesheet report in PowerBI doesn't work. It says there is duplicate data in an Assignment field. Any ideas?

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@AdirondacksMy first thought would be to check the reporting granularity in PWA settings - Enterprise Data - Reporting.

If that's still set at weekly, you would get duplicate records after this change. Setting it to daily should solve the issue.

Hello @Adirondacks,

Is this a default Project Online Power BI Report pack or a custom one you have built? Which dataset / endpoint is Power BI complaining about? Does it detail the field name too? As mentioned in the post above - it is worth confirming that your PWA Reporting settings are set to daily if you are now needing to report on Task Timephased / Assignment Timephased data at the day level - this setting doesn't impact the timephased Timesheet Actuals data though. 


Hi @Paul Mather 

this is Sue Thomas in case you didn't see that! So i have checked the PWA Reporting settings and they are now set to daily. This is a custom report looking at Date, Task Name, Resource and Timesheet Owner name and number of hrs logged. The data source error is below. It was working fine until we changed to enabling folk to log time per day.


Data source errorColumn 'TimesheetLineId' in Table 'TimesheetLineActualDataSet' contains a duplicate value '<pii>4fd6d662-6bc0-ea11-b09c-00155d088804</pii>' and this is not allowed for columns on the one side of a many-to-one relationship or for columns that are used as the primary key of a table. Table: TimesheetLineActualDataSet.



Hi Sue! @Adirondacks,

This is going to be an issue with the data model in the customer Power BI report - what relationships are there on the TimesheetLineActualDataSet table in Power BI? This might be tricky to resolve over a forum like this.


Hi Paul @Paul Mather 


Here is a snapshot of the data model

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Hi Sue @Adirondacks ,

Try changing the relationship for one to many  - one from TimesheetLines to many TimesheetLineActuals


@Paul Mather 


Hi Paul all working now thanks!



That's good, thanks Sue @Adirondacks 

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