Stuck on Getting Your Data | Customise Forms with Power Apps

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I'm fairly new with the MS suite of products and I don't know any coding.  I believe i deleted some crucial data (was distracted while WFH) when all i wanted to do was customise my form data results via the Integrate-Power Apps-Customise Forms option in MS List.



I have made a MS Form which has a flow automated.  the Form will save into the MS List i made as well as export data to Planner.


When i click on the Lists "title" column, it would normally bring up the entire form data on the side of the screen. Now, i just get stuck on the "getting your data" screen and nothing ever appears.


I have the feeling its because i accidently deleted the OnNew, OnEdit, OnView, OnSave,OnCancel fields that were automatically generated the first time i selected to Customise with Power Apps.  I don't have enough knowledge to understand what i need to put back to make it work again.


I need to get this fixed urgently and would welcome any advice please.

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Ok so i managed to locate the OnNew etc data and added in what i took out. still doesn't bring up the results through
You might want to try resetting the list to use the default New/Edit forms. After this you could try re-creating your PowerApp customised forms again.

You can reset the list back to using the default forms by:
- open the list's settings (
- select 'Form settings'
- choose 'Use the default SharePoint form' and click OK.

You can also delete the custom form from the above settings screen if needed.