Sharepoint Embedded PowerApps not working in IE11

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I have used iframe to embed my powerapps directly in Sharepoint pages.  The problem I am having is that the powerapp loads fine in firefox and chrome but when I try it in IE11 it just has a banner across the app saying I need to sign in to powerapps.  I have signed in to powerapps and it still does not fix the loading issue.  It is clearly an issue with IE11 as it works in all other browsers.  Attached are pics of the app working in firefox and not working in IE11.

Here is the snipet code:

<iframe src=";screenColor=rgba%28104%2c101%2c171%2..." width="1366px" height="768px"></iframe>&nbsp;


Any suggestions or anyone having similar issues?





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I am having the same issue and it is making most of my intranet unusable!


@Loren Young