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Hi all,


We have a excel spreadsheet that users have a copy of. I have PowerApps connecting to one document and can update and edit the document which is really great.

Is there a way I can return a spreadsheet depending on the user so they only get their data? Can the app connect to multiple excel documents and return based on the user?

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One thing I can think of is putting a wrapper on that excel.  Powershell script grab users info open excel copy from remote sheets populate local form.  On exit move data back to source.  If exit inproperly edits will be (cashed locally) if reopen cash destroyed... Contact admin to repair. 

How many users and how much trouble. 

Another method I would think about populating the user info using sql and MySQL or an Xbase table run query from within excel and update tables from sheets have master query and update on a cycle.  Then there is that other method.... How deep you want to go?

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Thank @Robert_Golobek 


I've been trying to get them to move to an actual database for this for a while but just wanted to play with PowerApps and see what was possible.

Whew was worried about that one.  I see so many people using excel as a data source rather than was the tool was made for.  I agree I can take fly's out of the house with a shotgun however.  Use the proper tool for the proper job.  Access is not that hard (but it costs) MySQL, Xbase both free tools (yes I am that cheep).  Odbc is your friend learn how to run a query.  Excel is great for reports and populating from querys, and it works great from powershell and other scripts.

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