Is it possible to create a flow that create item to different list base on who submit the form?

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Hi all, I have a question


I created a flow that creates item in a list from submitted form.

Is it possible to setup the flow to create item in different list base on form submitter's department? (department field in AD)


For example:

There is a payment request form. John is marketing department, and Peter is sales department

When john submit the payment request form

Flow creates an item in "Marketing department payment request list"

When peter submit the payment request form

Flow creates an item in the "Sales department payment request list"


If yes, how?


If, not then, of course I can just create 2 forms and 2 flows.

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Hi, if using a 'get profile' action to provide the department detail you can use a condition action to direct the flow to the relevant list. That allows you to use a single flow but his could become visually complex if you have more than a few departments.

If the list structure is the same or very similar you might want to consider using a single list and then presenting or reporting filtered views depending upon the department.

@RandolphLES @jonlake rather than a normal set of nested conditions, as there are likely to be several departments I would use a Switch which is a type of condition that looks at just one answer and can have up to 27 "cases" - in case department Payments is selected then add item to Payments list. An example of a switch but with different actions in the case is shown below.




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Hi, a switch is much cleaner than multiple conditions. My preference would be to use a single list but the choice is influenced by the number of possible combinations.
ah, thanks for pointing out using "get profile"
I think I need to use separate lists, because the list will set to share to department director
my manager wants department director to only see his own department's request, but not other department's request.
OK hanks
I will look into "switch" condition
Is this for single list? or multiple list?

Hi @RandolphLES , using a switch action would be if you're targeting multiple lists.