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I have created a custom form for one of my SharePoint lists using PowerApps.
Is there a way to provide access to different parts of the form based on if the user in the Owner or Member access group.

Eg. If in Owner Group must have access to all fields in the form if in member group access to limited number of fields on the form.

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Hmm.. AFAIK (as far as I know), that specific task is not possible at the very moment. However, if you could target a metadata field from the user profile property, then you could hide/show fields based on that value.

For example: If the current user is a part of the HR team, show some fields. If not, hide fields. :)

I know this does not really meet your requirements because it is fixed on the permissions for the current site, however, perhaps you could simplify it with the help of user profile properties.

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