Create a flow based on a new Sharepoint tasks list

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Currently I have a small tasks list in sharepoint that I created to make reservation of some vehilces available in my company. I want to add a Authorization flow that requests for authorization everytime the vehicle is going to be used overnight. 


Unfortunately ,when I try to use the "When a new item is created" connector on Flow, it is not possible to select the tasks list to start the flow it would only allow me to select normal lists. Does anyone know how can I start my flow with the creation of a new item in a tasks list?


Thank you!

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Use the option to enter a custom value - then enter the name of your task list. That will allow you to work with the item from the task list in the following steps.

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I stayed in the same point, and I can not made that, did they get it?

You need to use the list ID in this case, name will not work, least did not for me.

To get the ID, there are a few ways.

1. Go to list settings, in the url you will see something like /_layouts/15/listedit.aspx?List=%7Baa956c68-0b02-462b-9d7a-931a9819aac0%7D.  You can extract the ID by removing the %7B at the beginning and removing the %7D at the end, leaving you with aa956c68-0b02-462b-9d7a-931a9819aac0, which is the list ID in this example.

2. You can also go to list settings, then form settings and the list ID is more apparent.  From here you will see something like /_layouts/15/FormSettings.aspx?List={aa956c68-0b02-462b-9d7a-931a9819aac0}&Source..., where the list ID is in the brackets.

3. You can also use PowerShell or just create a flow from the list that starts when you add an item, once you open the flow you will see the list ID is populated for you, then you can just copy and paste it into your other flow.

Perfect. Worked for me

Can a flow be called from a task list. I mean like done in lists where a flow can be triggered. Can the same thing be done with task lists because i have tried it and it didnt work.

@Rob Garon Worked for me. Thanks

worked, but only the one from the form settings.  but I'm happy.  thanks 

@Rob Garon