Wrike Vs MS Planner?

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My company is at the beginning of our O365 journey. I have a contingent of Wrike users [evangelizers] that want to adopt Wrike as our light-weight PM solution; however, I believe that MS Planner is a very comparable solution. With that said and with my limited knowledge of either tool, there does seem to be some significant differences. For example, the ability in Wrike to indicate dependent tasks (i.e., can't start task b until task a is completed type dependencies). I want to create a compelling case for use of MS Planner over Wrike. What else do I need to know to be able to 1) make the case; 2) be aware of deficiencies/workarounds in Planner; and, 3) know what it does BETTER than Wrike? Any guidance/feedback is much appreciated!
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@CIH_Yohe We have been using planner for a few months now, and I have researched Wrike and other platforms heavily. I can tell you this: Planner is very lightweight and limited in functionality. it is likely a few years away from competing with the "power features" that others have. We will likely be switching up to Teamwork PM in the near future. The Planner roadmap does not look promising. It is a nice simple tool for basic needs only.

@tredhead - Thanks for the feedback.  We're finding that it is definitely lightweight but, in some cases, that's appropriate for the business.  Also, it's not an apples-to-apples comparison between Wrike and MS Planner if you don't also include SharePoint and MS Teams.  We're creating some use cases to really test it out.  Thanks again!

Same here, comparing the 2 in a similar environment: Wrike-leaning folks vs. native O365 tools. I'd love to follow progress and share ideas/results.
The Use Cases you created, can you share them? Im trying to determine the same thing in adopting either Wrike or MS Planner w/ Sharepoint for my company

@IT_Support_SAANA - I never got much traction/input on specific use cases.  My research led me to believe that Wrike falls between Planner and Project.  It is more robust than Planner in that it supports, for example, predecessors, but I it is not as robust as Project.  I was disappointed at the level of integration between Planner and Project, but was able to create draft custom workflows to improve the integration.  Full disclosure, my attention on this was sidetracked!